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Australia Studies A

by MAI Xiaozhi


Xiaozhi Mai

Table of Content
1. What is Climate Change ?
2. Video
3. Three Social Ways
4. Three Environment Ways
5. Reference list
What is Climate Change???
Climate change refers to any significant change in measure of climate, such as temperature, precipitation or wind lasting for an extended decade or longer. 

Global Warming?
Enhance Greenhouse Effect?
Fossil Fuels?
Carry out the keynote speech on protecting the environment
Such as LED lights, set up recycling stations for old mobile phones and home appliances, as well as to reduce metal pollution and protect farmland and water resources
Businesses can invent energy-saving products and recycle metal waste
Three Social Ways
It may deepen people's understanding of climate change, for example, refuse classification, reduce carbon footprint and so on, let people taking action in their daily life
Such activities can not only strengthen students' awareness of protecting the environment, but also promote this awareness to more people
The government has put environmental protection into law and introduced energy-saving vehicles
Did you know that eating meat is the worst thing that you can do as an individual for the environment?
the meat industry accounts for the same impact as flying and driving all the vehicles and planes in the world combined.
low flow shower head use less water, meaning a lower water bill and less strain on the world’s limited supply of fresh, drinkable water.
Eat Less Meat
Install a Low-Flow Shower-head
Three Environmental Ways
The amount of trees and water it takes to supply the world with paper is significant. One simple thing you can do today to protect our environment is sign up for e-billing. It can save you time, save lots of trees and help save the earth.
Sign up for e-billing