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Australia Studies A

by Ma Yuzhen


What happened to the earth
Name:Ma Yuzhen
Table of Content
What is climate Change?
There social ways
There environmental ways
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The earth keeps us at a comfortable temperature that allows you and me to live happily, but when the temperature is uncomfortable, it means the earth is sick. The sun's heat comes to the Earth to keep it warm, and the heat goes back into space to keep it cool. But when that pattern breaks down, the climate changes.
What is Climate Change?
Three Social ways
1. Draw pictures of climate change to let people know about climate change
2. Promote green living and travel
3. Actively urging governments to tackle climate change
Three Environment Ways
1. Plant more trees to absorb carbon dioxide from the air
2. Use more public transport to reduce emissions
3. Turn off air conditioners and other appliances less