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Arctic Wolves

by Savanah Eby


Arctic Wolves
By Savanah Eby
Did you know that the arctic wolf can be called polar wolf?
Guess what arctic wolves are going extinct! If arctic wolves go extinct, the populations of musk ox, caribou, and arctic hares would be high! That would be bad and crowded.
First of all, let's talk about facts about the arctic wolf that also give reason to keep the arctic wolves from going extinct.
First, arctic wolves live in the arctic region of North America, Greenland, and The Tundra Biome. Their weight is 70 to 175! Wow! The length of the arctic wolf is 3.2 to 5.9 feet. 

Now let’s talk about their threats. Threats are what threaten something like an animal.
The first threats the arctic wolf has are mines, pipelines, and roads. It bothers the arctic wolf while eating or collecting food.
There's one last threat which is climate change. The climate change makes it difficult for the musk ox and arctic hares to find food.
So that means that they are dying. And that means barely any food for the arctic wolf! That could be very bad for the arctic wolf. That could make them go extinct!

Now you know arctic wolves are going extinct and why to protect them.
I got my information from www.WTF
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