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All of me in a few sentecens!

by Reby Geroni


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By Rebecca Geroni
All of me
in a few sentences
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Hi there! I'm Rebecca and I'm still 13, because my birthday is on 7th October.
I've got brown, long, wavy hair and brown eyes.
I'm quite tall and slim.
I'm quite generous and sociable, although sometimes I prefer to be on my own
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I love dancing and reading.

I'm really into watching films, in particular I'm in love with rom-coms!

I like also baking, especially chocolate cakes.
In my family there are five people: my mum, my dad, my two sisters and my dogs...yes, we are a very large family!

Most of them have brown hair and brown eyes, apart from my little sister, who has blonde hair and blue eyes, a real British child!
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Even though I don't practice it anymore, my favorite sport is ballet
I still watch shows and dancers on television
This is a photo of me a few mounths ago!
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