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by Sara Buschi


treasure hunt

find the only pink cafe in the town ad then go further near the sea
The Rotonda A Mare was built in the XIX century during the Belle Époque, at the beginning it was just a simple building, a sort of balcony standing above the sea that had therapeutic effects but later it was entrusted to some private businessmen who built the actual structure. Nowadays the Rotonda A Mare is a place used for weddings, meetings and exhibitions.
According to a lot of people this place was the inspiration of the famous song “Una Rotonda Sul Mare” and this is the chorus:
“Una rotonda sul mare
Il nostro disco che suona
Vedo gli amici ballare
Ma tu non sei qui con me”
take a video of you singing this song in front of the rotonda and sent it to your teacher!
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Go where the boats dock and follow the song of the sea
statue of penelope or "little mermaid"
hang a lock
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This is the statue of Penelope, considered the "Little Mermaid of the Marches". It was created in 1995 by Giovanni Guerra and represents Penelope, a character in the Odyssey. The idea of creating this statue was born one evening when Guerra walking with his wife was struck by the image of a boat that was moving away into the open sea, leaving the family waiting at home, just as Penelope had been divided by her love Odysseus. The statue is a good luck charm for all people who for work are forced to leave their family.
Guerra and his wife also performed a propitiatory rite by attaching a padlock to the statue and throwing the keys into the sea, as you will now do.
search the restaurant "matis" and you will already be inside the “foro”

The work was designed in 1834 by the architect Pietro Ghinelli in a neoclassical style, who proposed a circular plan on which 24 Doric-style columns were built, supporting the structure above and forming a portico.  To build the whole bricks were used.
Until a few years ago, the buying and selling of fish took place under the portico on a daily basis.  In the central square still today, in the morning, the itinerant merchants of fruit and vegetables carry out their activity.  The library and the municipal archive are located in the attic.
make a video while you're running under the arches
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foro annonario
where did the duke protect his dukedom??
take a creative picture with the lions
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Palazzetto Baviera was built during the renaissance at the wiil of Giovanni Giacomo Baviera, uncle of Giovanni della Rovere, for the permanence of the Baviera’s family that ruled the city.
The Rocca Roveresca was first built during the roman’s domination of the city and it was modified during the time by some famous architects for Giovanni della Rovere and since then it was never modified again. It was used as a residence , a fortress and also as an artillery school. Today it hosts art exhibitions and cultural events.
piazza del duca

Palazzo del duca was built as a place for the court and its illustrious guests who could admire from the windows the military parades that were taking place in the middle of the square, that’s why the Fontana delle anatre wasn’t built in the middle of the square but on the side.
1 how old is valentino rossi
2 how much is 6x7
3 in which year did the italian constitution come into effect 19..
4-5 the unlucky friday
6 last day of school this year in italy day.month

“Piazza saffi” is a square in senigallia, even if it’s located in the historic center of the city this plaza isn’t an historical monument.
We use to meet up in saffi square to go out in the city center or to have an aperitif.
One of our favourite places in piazza saffi is ali doner kebab, it’s a kebab restaurant in front of the square that is open until late night so we use to come here and have a kebab even when we go to the disco and come home very late.
piazza saffi
make a Tik Tok with Ali the kebab maker
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