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British Science Week at RPS

by Rothwell Primary School


British Science Week
Theme: Time

Class 1 learned about the Inventor John Dunlop.
Class 1 used their scientific enquiry skills to test the suitability of materials. This enquiry was inspired by their learning about John Dunlop. We predicted which material would be best, said whether our predictions were correct and what we had found out after the experiment.
Class 1/2 Mrs Sparkes Science week
In Class 1/2 we learnt about the 'Wright Brothers' who were the inventors of the first successfull aeroplane. We learnt how they worked scientifically to plan, test, adapt their design.
We carried out our own investigation to make paper aeroplanes and considered the variables to make them fly further.
Year 2- Science week
During science week Year 2 learned about the famous inventor Maria Beasley. We used secondary sources like 'Billy Bookhead' to work scientifically to find out about her. We shared our learning with each other. Here is a short video with some of the key facts we found out.
Here we are working scientifically!