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An artist portifolio :)

by Izzy


An artist’s portfolio:)
Table of Contents
Page 3 - About Me

Page 4 - The Name…

Page 6 - My Emoji

Page 8 - The Big Friendly Robot

Page 10 - Full Scoops Ahead
About Me!
Hi! If you have selected this book, you are about to learn a lot about the person behind this blog. My name is Izabelle, but everyone calls me Izzy, and I am a PLP student at Seycove. Some of my favourite things to do are listening to music, hanging out with my friends, basketball, watching tv, playing the trumpet and singing. I love exploring, so I enjoy going on walks at night and adventure around Vancouver during the day. I am not an artist in any way, but trough this sector in maker, I have grown my skills, and that’s what you will be reading about today!
The Name….
This first activity provided the most difficulty to me. I have never been very artistic, hence why bubble letters don’t come easy for me. It was a lot of trial and error with my name, trying to make the Z’s look the same with the pen tool, and trying to make the Y not look small compared to the other letters. The colouring was the easy part, especially using the fill feature and all the other helpful tools. I was happy with my final result, making the whole process worth it in the end.