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A Reflection of my Teaching Journey

by Shenrina Pillay

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A Reflection
of my Teaching Journey

Shenrina Pillay
Table of Contents

Task 2.1
Reflections of Senior Phase Teaching Experience
Task 2.2
Reflections of Further Education & Training Phase Teaching Experience

Task 3
Classroom Management Tool

Task 4
Curriculum Vitae & LinkedIn Profile

Task 2.1 Reflections on Teaching Experience - Senior Phase Teaching

I was very excited to teach learners in the senior phase of school as I myself, have a daughter who is in grade 8, at a school other than where I completed my teaching experience.

Being the youngsters in high school, I found that the grade 8 and 9 learners were very dependent of the teacher (me) for instruction and guidance at all times, for example, at times when class exercises or activities were completed, most learners had to be instructed and guided on what to engage in next.
Not many learners took the initiative to keep themselves constructively busy with classwork.

I observed that whilst a few learners are relatively proactive in clarifying or questioning areas that they were unsure off, there were nevertheless some learners who would not do so, even when needed. On identifying this, I would address it by regularly asking the class whether they were following the content being taught; whether any of them had questions for me to answer or whether they needed me to explain a concept to them again. In addition, I adapted my teaching strategy in forthcoming lessons to accommodate for this, for example, I introduced more co-operative learning and
group exercises as opposed to working individually, so that learners could learn from each other as well.

I found it challenging when some learners were relatively playful during class time and this required me to place more attention on them at times. Had I neglected this, the class could very easily become rowdy, resulting in chaos and this could cause a disturbance to the neighbour classes. It was thus very necessary to employ a classroom management tool in order to keep the class in control so that learning could take place and lesson objectives could be met. The use of the classroom management tool was very effective and facilitated both teaching and learning processes.

A strength for me, in terms of teaching the senior phase learners, was that I already had a pre-existing knowledge of scenarios/ things that were popular for the age group, having a daughter in the same phase of
learning.  I was able to provide the learners with relevant and exciting examples that they could relate to, and this seemed to arouse their interest and keep them attentive during lessons, for example I would explain to them that the Korean pop-group BTS would compete against another Korean pop group called Black Pink in making more sales of their music, therefore they are called competitors. I would then ask the class to give me another example of a competitor that could compete with these two groups. The learners found it relatively humorous and

some were even in awe of me, in knowing so much about what interests them. I found this strength very useful in teaching the senior phase.

I will actively keep myself aware of teenage and age group trends that tend to pass through so quickly in society. I think it is important for learners to see that as teachers, we care about their likes, dislikes, interests etc, and this will facilitate both the teaching and learning processes for teachers and learners respectively.

Task 2.2 Reflections on Further Education & Training Phase Teaching Experience

It was rather refreshing teaching the learners in the Further Education and Training phase (FET) as majority of the learners were in a much more mature age category so it was easy to have conversations and hear their opinions on more serious topics, such as whether the president should give South Africans a public holiday or not if the Springboks win the rugby world cup.

I enjoyed the forthcoming engagement of learners in the FET phase as they were very confident in asking questions or making suggestions freely or when prompted to