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Secon project

by Carlos Miguel Moreno


This is the biggest eco-park in the world. It is located in Dublin, Ireland. It is a peaceful park with fresh air, green and tall trees can be seen by the visitors. The natural park was discovered by Carl Jackson, he was the scientist who designed this eco-park in 2010.  
The electricity is produced by the air that moves turbines. Clean water is consumed by the visitors that the river produces, it reduces water filltering. The park has some cottages and their walls were made with recycled rubber, plastic and metal. Environmetal classes are taugth in this eco-park, people can learn how to recycle, save water and reduce their carbon footprin
when I was 10 year old I played soccer in a kids soccer team. I realized my self it wouldn't be easy, but I trained hard for two month to achieve my goal, is was a great challenge for me and I made a commitment I was decide to face all those situations. The match with team and I received a reward, a meal that taught me I can do every thing I want

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