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Summer Camp

by Sonia Patrizia Arena

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Summer Camp
1st week theme: Dinosaurs
MON 20th June
Drawing Workshop

1st watch and understand the video;

2nd draw your dinosaur on a poster,
MATERIAL WILL BE PROVIDED to the kids to copy the characters

3rd write the infos provided by your teacher;

4th EXTRA TIME invent your favourite dinosaur and give him/her a name :)

1/2 hr: GAME = Pin the tail on the dinosaur: the video shows what it means:
Here you can find the script for PinkFong (younger kids) video
Here you can find the script for Learn about dinosaurs video
TUE 21st June

Activity Time: 1 1/2 hrs
Material: Colored Paper, scissors, glue, felt tip pens AND paper copies of dinosaurs to assemble
Students will build their dinosaur in 3D
A video can be shown to make a flying pterodactyl.

In order to make it,
just follow the instructions provided in the video tutorial.

The links below give instructions to make 3D dinosaurs
Younger Kids: toilet Rolls
Younger Kids: paper T Rex
3D dinosaur for older kids
(Each student needs to have one 3D dinosaur)
Model building
2nd Activity: Guess the dinosaurs
TIME: 1/2 hr
It can be played in circles - individually or in teams
In circle, students will pick up a card without showing it to their classmates. The classmates will have to guess which dinosaur they have.
Flashcards for younger kids from Super Simple Songs:
WED 22nd June
1st Activity Time: 1 1/2 hrs
Durante questa attività, gli allievi dovranno creare un lapbook sui dinosauri in gruppi di 4. Attraverso un video tutorial i ragazzi potranno assistere alla realizzazione del lapbook. Gli allievi svilupperanno competenze sociali quali la cooperazione e la responsabilità nei confronti del gruppo. Al contempo, avranno l'occasione di mettersi in gioco condividendo con gli altri le proprie abilità.
IMPORTANT Tip: For the success of this activity, Please give clear idea to students of what to do and how to classify infos.
For the videos: Watch the video below and see the first videos in the Drawing Workshop
2nd Game Activity Time: 1/2 hr Is this your dinosaur?
Put the kids in a circle: distribute one card each plus one double card from another identical cards set to a selected kid. The selected kid will ask all kids one by one "Is this your dinosaur?" Answer: "No, it isn't" until he finds who has got the right card: "Yes, it is."
Print out 2 sets of words: