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by Joshua Cabutaje


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By Joshua Cabutaje
Question 1
Why should we use the internet in education?
Immense Source of Information
The internet is an endless source of information that students can instantly access. Information about all subjects beyond what is available in textbooks, worksheets and from teachers can be consumed by students instantaneously.
Interactive Learning
The internet offers the opportunity for interactive learning through various tools  including digital media such as videos, children shows and podcasts. Interactive online educational games such as Kahoot and Mathletics are also available for students.
The internet allows teachers, students, staff and parents to be connected and communicate like never before. Students and parents can view and interact with resources given by teachers on online educational forums
Digital Literacy
In today's society, it is more imperative than ever to be digitally literate as technology is a significant factor in day to day activities. It is important to expose children to the internet and allow them to become comfortable on online platforms and learn how to navigate the internet.
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Question 3

Trolls, Bullying and Stalking:
It is easier for students to be targeted by trolls and encounter trolling as the trolls feel they can stay anonymous and not face any consequences.
Another growing issue with kids in school is cyberbullying which is often kept unknown unless the victim comes forward.
With people accessing more platforms of social media and sharing personal information it can be easier for stalkers to find this information.
Addiction, time-wasting, causes distractions:
Whilst the internet can be a useful tool to use within your classroom it can also lead to students being easily distracted. Whether it is by the pop-up advertisements or games, students can often be misled on the internet causing them to waste valuable time and not complete the task at hand.
-    Wrong, misleading information on the internet
-    Predators hang out on the internet
-    Pornography is easily accessed by young people
-    Easy to waste time on the internet
-    Identity theft
-    Viruses

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ICT Capabilities means:
Being able to think critically about news and media.
Through an effective evaluation of information, as well as finding trustworthy, credible, and authoritative sources, and giving proper credit.
Being able to engage ethically with the digital world and to collaborate with multiple parties online.
Being able to recognise intellectual property rights.
To find meaning and key information, while also being able to articulate it effectively.
Also recognizing the influence of media on individuals and societal norms.
Being responsible, safe, and secure digital citizens in online places.