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Professional Learning Development

by Katelyn Stewart


Professional Learning Networks
National Education Association
lifetime dues are $500
with $36 dues for MEA
and $15 dues for NEA
Social Media:
NEA Today
Included in the membership:
  • Earn increased pay and benefits
  • mentoring and other support from more experienced colleagues
  • Carry out a commitment to social justice
  • Improved working and student learning conditions at your worksite
  • collaboration with the PTA and other community organizations to resolve issues in your school
  • Enhanced rights
  • Liability insurance
  • NEA Member Benefits
Multiple conferences throughout the year
NEA offers a variety of magazines, more than 800 titles available in over 30 categories such as finance, fitness, travel and more. Options range from lots of well-known publications such as People, Real Simple, Food Network Magazine and Sports Illustrated, to niche titles such as Artists Magazine, Modern Dog and Quick Quilts.
There are not conferences included but they do have videos that you can play in your classroom or use as support for teachers!

Michigan Learning Channel

Resource collections below with in-depth classroom planning, lessons on the fly with a video library and options sorted by teaching standard. Even professional learning opportunities!

They offer printables and a newsletters but do not send magazines
Because the Michigan Learning Channel is provided by Michigan's PBS stations, everything is available at no cost!
Social Media to Follow
Find a mix of everything on Sarah’s channel. Posts include teacher outfits, favorite books, classroom hacks, lesson ideas, and more for 2nd grade!
Joanna Grace is Founder of the Sensory Projects and seeks to contribute to a world where everyone is understood in spite of difference. Once you’ve followed her, read her exclusive guest piece on using senses to stimulate learning.
April is a 4th grade teacher who’s constantly sharing what her class is up to. Find lesson ideas, early-finisher activities, art projects, and more. You’ll even find fun seasonal ideas like Super Bowl activities and Valentine’s Day projects.
Diversity in teaching is rightfully under the spotlight today more than ever. Allana Gay is a founding member of the BAMEed network, placing her on the frontline of the issue.
Find classroom favorites as well as quick ideas and freebies from Josie McClain. She’s a 2nd grade teacher always sharing fun ideas like silent ball, book brackets, and more.
Lynn McCann tweets provides support, advice and expertise in the area of autism in teaching. Check her out on twitter and read over her exclusive piece for Hope Education
Colorful and playful kindergarten inspiration lives here. Kellie posts awesome snapshots from her classroom along with some seriously hilarious teacher humor. Her channel is the best of both worlds with some great laughs and ideas to take inspiration from.
Author Paul Garvey has published books on Ofsted preparations and professional development in schools, but his Twitter is full of enthusiasm and support for the profession.
Check out bright ideas for every season, colorful classroom decor, and so much more. Madison posts ideas for celebrating tons of classroom holidays, from St. Patrick’s Day to Thanksgiving.
Staying in the US, Nicholas Ferroni is an excellent choice if you want an American perspective on teaching. His tweets are a fantastic voice of support for the profession.
Here is Joanna Grace's twitter!