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The Bakery

by omar tamim


The Bakery 🥯
Author: Noof 5C
Once a Upon a time, in the 19’s there was a lady who had a bakery many people loved her bakery, her bakery was famous over 1,000 of people loved her bakery her name was Emily, Emily died in 1feb 2009 at that time when she died her bakery was closed.
In 2017 Chloe was new in the town after a week later Chloe went to get breads and eggs for her mother but before she went to get the bred and egg she saw the bakery and said “oh my it’s all dust in here” she saw a paper down that it says anyone can get this job Chloe said “I think I will sign up” a day after a guy knocked on the door Chloe said “I will get it!” When she opened it the guy said “hello you must be the one who signed up the bakery paper” Chloe said “yes, yes I did sign up why”
The guy said “great you can start working after a week” the guy left Chloe was happy a week after Chloe was ready when she went to the bakery she started cleaning and making many more yummy cakes and cupcakes later many people came to her bakery like they did to Emily Chloe was happy she wanted her mom to taste the cake she did.
It is a nice story! I loved the idea and the illustrations. Kindly, revise your work to punctuate your sentences. Try to avoid run-on sentences and comma split.