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A Better Future

by TEAM & SB


Nesho Bonchev High School
Dear Readers,
Did you guess the aim of the book A Better Future?

It makes the readers familiar with the challenges of the future and shows our mission and vision how to make our future life easier, funnier and healthier. The book is standing out with more than 10 features, tools and applications. Less input, more output! :)

Today we are sure everyone will wonder whether the following statements are facts or fictions for tomorrow. For example,
1. Most people use only 10% of their brains.
2. We will be using fly-amphibia transport 3 in 1 (air-land-water transport)
3. We will be able to teleport ourselves wherever we want.
Is it True or False? :)

Team of teens (14-16 years)
Nesho Bonchev High School
End Poverty, take in mind money, food harvest and loyalty!
Zero Hunger – the world poverty will redeem with thunder!
Keep your good health & everyone will live in wealth
And well-being, because that is the best feeling!
Quality education means Robotics, ICT, STEAM & PBL participation!
Gender equality requires everyone’s professional ability!
For clean water and sanitation, follow the world regulations!
Affordable & clean energy – think about the Hydrogen & Ecology!
Decent work & Economic growth – it depends on our fresh thought,
Industry & Innovation – Infrastructure, Investigations & Recreation
In order to live better! You know, Less is More! Do NOT wait for later!
Reduced inequalities – increased number of kind people, please!
Sustainable cities, full of creative and collaborative communities!
Responsible consumption and production! We must follow the 3Rs - Take Action!!!
Tackle Climate change – unfortunately nowadays it sounds strange!
Life below water – weird, but what do you think, Sir?
Life on Land – do the best and respect our Wonderland!
Peace & Justice – people all over the world must think and practise!
If you are ready for beneficial partnerships to achieve any goal,
Come on, our future life will shine, respect each other and glow!
If you want to make your school life easier,
follow the lessons instead of being busier!
Space colonization
When people think about space colonization, they often think about sci-fi movies. However, this is far from the truth. Colonizing space can be a great option for our future.
Speech Bubble
First of all, Earth is already overpopulated, and the population keeps on rising. By 2050 it's going to get even worse, because of our planet's depleting resources. By exploring other planets, we will be given the opportunity to build new cities where people can live. Even more, because of the overpopulation Earth has a serious pollution problem. By spreading the population to new planets, we will be able to reduce pollution and help our planet.
All this info sounds amazing but there are some disadvantages too. For example, exploring and colonizing space can be very dangerous and expensive. There is also the fact that humanity is not even close to developing this kind of technology.
Overall, colonizing space can be very helpful and useful for humanity and in the present it may seem like a distant dream but in 50 years' time, it will be a new opportunity for a better future.