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Loki The Omega Wolf



Comic Panel 1
Loki the Omega wolf
By Mackya Anderson
Comic Panel 1
Chapter 1
In a forest far away, there was a wolf pack by the name of Dark Moons.  All the wolves had a certain job to do, except one wolf named Loki. He was what people call a “Omega Wolf.” The alpha wolf didn’t give him a job because he and the other wolves believed that Loki was helpless and would only let them down if he did. All the wolves talked badly about him, bullied him, and sometimes starved him. Loki didn’t mind their actions, but there was one wolf in the pack that always took it too far. One that despised him so much, that he would do anything to make sure that Loki was miserable for his entire life.
Chapter 2
Salem walked up behind Loki, swinging his tail high. He took Loki’s tail and bit it as hard as he could, making Loki yelp in surprise and pain. “Miss me from last time, Loco?” Salem said while laughing. “It’s Loki,” replied Loki, licking his tail. “Right, whatever,” said Salem, rolling his eyes. Salem started walking towards Loki, as Loki backed up into a tree. “Why don’t you just drop already? We all know that you can’t do anything productive, and you’re so bony, so why do we even keep you?” Salem asked with disgust on his face. Loki tucks his tail between his legs and looks down. Salem smirks to himself. “If your pops weren’t Alpha, you would’ve been gone the second you were born.” Salem paws Loki twice in his face, then walks away laughing. Loki gets up with tears in his eyes, silently wishing that all the pain in his life would go away. He wishes that his father would appreciate him. He wishes that everyone would look at him like one of their own, not as something that can’t help the pack. He wishes that Salem was in his place, getting bullied and starved and would beg for Loki’s forgiveness. He turns and walks away to his hiding spot.
Chapter 3

At dusk, Loki hears the sounds of the other wolves. “Dinner time,” Loki whispers to himself. He slowly makes his way back to where everyone else is. As he approaches, all the other wolves look at him and roll their eyes. “Sorry kid, but we just split the last of tonight’s dinner with Athena and her pup. You know she’s expecting again, so we must keep her healthy!” says Mico, the so called “cook” of the pack. Loki looks at Athena, who is licking her lips and smirking at Loki. “She’s not pregnant, she's just fat” Loki thinks to himself. Loki tells Mico that it’s fine and goes to sit a few feet away from everyone else. He starts to think about what it would be like to be worshipped and respected, like his dad. He’s so lost in his thoughts that he doesn’t notice someone come and sit next to him.
“Hey Loki,” says a voice Loki recognizes. He looks up to find Sasha, a wolf his age, looking at him. He starts to reply but doesn’t when he spots Salem looking at him from a distance, hate in his eyes. Loki quickly gets up, suddenly remembering what happened last time Salem caught Loki talking to Sasha. He had chased Loki, attacking him while everyone else laughed. Loki had tripped over a rock and Salem had sliced Loki’s face, leaving a permanent scar. “Stay away from my sister, she doesn’t need someone as helpless as you in her life. If I catch you talking to her, looking at her, near her, if I even THINK that you’re thinking about her, I'll kill you,” he had said before running off to laugh with the others. Loki shakes his head and runs off. He hears Sasha calling his name, but he can’t turn back. He runs as fast as he can, hoping that Salem isn’t chasing after him.
Chapter 4
Loki is out of breath, panting as he sits down behind a tree. “What if he comes and finds me? What will he do to me?” Loki thinks frantically. Loki knows he’s far from what he calls home, and he knows he can’t go back. While he’s sitting there, he suddenly hears something running, somewhere behind him. “Oh no, he found me!!” Loki thinks, scrambling to get to his feet. His legs hurt, but he’s ready to run if he has to. He hears someone calling his name, but it's not who he thinks it is. It’s a female's voice, Sasha’s voice. He peeks his head from behind the tree. Sasha stops in her tracks when she sees him, and slowly walks up to him. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you,” she says. They sit down together, and Loki tells Sasha why he can’t be near her anymore. “Don’t worry about my stupid brother, he’s just jealous. I wish he wasn’t so mean all the time. But that’s not why I'm here,” she says. Loki looks at her confused, and then he sees her go behind the tree and retrieve a dead rabbit. “Thought you could use some food, considering you haven’t eaten in two days. You look terrible, you need this,” she says with a soft laugh. Loki digs in greedily, thanking her.