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Back to School with Miss Sellers

by Natalie Sellers


Welcome to the Most Magical Year of School!
Welcome to Antelope Canyon Elementary School! We are going to have an amazing year and I am thrilled to have you all! My name is Miss Sellers, I will be the classroom teacher in room 142. This is an Academic Communication Classroom for grades 1-3, so we get to have the most fun adventures this school year!
I am so, so silly and I love to have fun with my friends and my family. I love going on adventures and laughing at the fun things in life. See if you can spot what is so silly in these pictures!
I'm from California but I love my home here in Utah. I love to travel, read, and be outside. I love to laugh, dance, and see my family. They live all over the world and I love spending time with them when I can.
I've been volunteering in special education since I was 11 and I have loved each and every wonderful person I've met along the way. This is my second year in Jordan District and I am thrilled to be here. I have a lot to learn but I know that we will see amazing things as we work together this year.
WE WEAR MASKS AT SCHOOL! Please come with a mask and a refillable water bottle for school every day!
Every morning, students are met at the buses by teachers and walked to the classroom as a group. Students who are dropped off will join the class as they arrive. Class begins at 9:00 with a short class meeting to prep students for our schedule. We have Reading and Writing in the mornings. Lunch starts at 11:20 and is followed by recess. After lunch, we will have Math, Social Studies/Science, and Rotations (Art, PE, Music, Computers, and Library). Some students will be pulled out during this time for additional Speech and Guidance services if scheduled. Mainstreaming in the general classroom occurs in each student’s best area to ensure that they have positive and productive experience learning with their peers. As a class, we walk to the buses at 3:20. Each day is filled with fun!