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day trip paris

by HC


April 17th 2023: Day trip to Paris!
4ème A- Collège Yvonne le Tac
* Exposition photo du Sénat Les Fleurons de L'industrie
* Rallye Photo au Jardin du Luxembourg
* Musée des langues Mundolingua
The photograph we chose is entitled "Guerlain".

It is a photo of a perfume factory which produces 3 millions bottles per year.
This factory was created in1994.
In the front, we can see a golden bee print being put down on the bottles.

We chose it because we liked the bee print and because we like perfume.
We also found the wordplay of Maya "l'abeille" quite funny!

Samuel, Mélina, Nourhane, Charlotte and Maya D.
Title of the photo we chose : Saint-Gobain PAM

Description : The photo was taken by Christophe Lepetit at Pont à Mousson. We can see a man trying to sanitize a mix of metals with a steel shovel.

Why we chose it : We think there are beautiful contrasts and colors. It also looks like we're in a movie.

Tadzio, Aurélien, Léonard, Abdou-Rahman and Constantin.