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By Rhett Motschenbacher
Achraf Hakimi is a world cup superstar he is Spanish and Moroccan descent and he made a name over his professional career
famous person from morocco
achraf Hakimi was born in November 4, 1998 he is 24 years old and he is 5'11".
land and climate
Morocco roughly covers twice the size of the united kingdom. they have Mild winters hot summers and dry seasons run from may to september
greetings, gestures, visiting, eating
Moroccans shake hands when greeting they kiss the hand or head of their parents or elders to show respect. And use hand gestures and facial expressions to communicate ideas and feelings. Guests invited for dinner in urban areas are not expected to take gifts however , a gift of candy for the hosts’ children is appreciated. It is impolite for guests to finish eating before the host as this can imply the food did not taste good.
population, religion, general attitudes, personal appearance
Berbers and Arabs are the major ethnic groups that people in morocco were born in and support. Islam is the most common religion in morocco because a lot of people were born in it. Their general attitude is tolerant and extremely hospitable. Djellaba or kaftan a djellaba is the loose robe like garment that men and women wear over anything.