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Teacher instruction Milton and magical purple rice

by Leg med IT


Teacher instruction
Author: M. D. Stromfeldt

Illustrations: Lykke B. Jørgin

Student exercises: Leg med IT

Teacher instruction: Leg med IT
Welcome to Milton and the 17 Global Goals and the book Milton and the magical Purple Rice.
The material is aimed at schooling or for use at home.
We recommend that you get to know Milton and his friends in My name is Milton! Here, students are introduced to Milton's universe.
In Milton and the magical purple rice, students become acquainted with the UN's 17 Global Goals and take Milton on a trip to Bangladesh to learn about Global Goal 1- No Poverty.
The books are written for reading aloud in class or at home.
In the digital edition of the Milton Books, students can read the books, have the books read aloud and work on fun and exciting exercises for the story of Milton in Book Creator.

Students must:
- solve tasks by recording audio files
- solve tasks by recording video
- write or record text
- draw in the book with the magic drawing tool
- play flip games with Milton and his friends
- Collect puzzles with Milton and his friends
Book creator instructions
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Instructions for using Book Creator web
Speech Bubble
Instruction page 8
In the introduction to the book Milton and the magical purple rice, Milton's friend Conrad Milton and Amanda talk about the UN's Global Goals.

On page 5 of the student exercise book, students can see an overview of the 17 Global Goals.

On page 8, students can see the Global Goals and click on a link to a PDF that gives a short description of each Global Goal.
The PDF can subsequently be printed.