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Teacher instruction My name is Milton!

by Leg med IT


Teacher instructions
Author: Marianne D. Stromfeldt

Illustrations: Lykke B. Jørgin

Student assignments: Leg med IT

Teacher instructions: Leg med IT
Welcome to Milton's universe.
The book "My Name is Milton!" is written for reading aloud in class.
This means that it is now possible to work with the book in the App
Book Creator.

Students must:
- solve tasks by recording audio files

- solve tasks by recording video

- write or record text

- draw in the book with the magic drawing tool

- play flip games with Milton and his friends

- search for words and pictures at school
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Speech Bubble
Instruction page 10
In the assignment on page 10, the students must tell about themselves.

They answer the questions either in text or by recording audio files.

If text is used, the text can be dictated by activating the microphone.

See the instructions below: