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Jimmy and Amelia Prepare for Winter

by Students of Jimmy Huntington School


Book Slam Participants
Jimmy Huntington School, Huslia, Alaska

Gertie Sam
Eleanore Sam 

Grade 3/4 Teacher
Annette Moses

Artists and Readers
Matthew H, Grade 3
Dorothy H, Grade 4
Kairon D, Grade 3
Falon W, Grade 4
Abby P, Grade 3
Zane R, Grade 3
Andrei, K Grade 4
Lyla V, Grade 4

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Principal Casey Weter and Superintendent Kerry Boyd for their leadership in making the Huslia Book Slam possible.

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Steve Nelson, Project Coordinator,
Association of Alaska School Boards
Cheryl Bobo, Site Facilitator

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Blake V,  Grade 3
Aaron W, Grade 4
Deon D, Grade 4
Dereck S, Grade 4
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Emma F, Grade 3
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August 19, 1943. The family arrives at Old Town along with other families. Amelia and Jimmy see many relatives and friends. The family unpacks and store their belongings and fish for the winter. 
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Read by
Abby P
Grade 3
Amelia and Jimmy visit their grandparents and tell about their summer adventures. Jimmy shows them his rifle as they sip hot tea, eat dry fish, and crackers. They are happy for him, now he is prepared for the upcoming hunting season. 
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Read by
Zane R
Grade 3
August 21, 1943. Today is Amelia’s 9th birthday. She is gifted a 22 rifle. The whole village celebrates a successful fishing season and her birthday. They eat moose head soup, indian ice cream with salmon berries, and cooked blueberries. They play indian kick ball and tag late into the evening. 
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Read by
Andrei K
Grade 4
September 5, 1943. Hunting season begins and excitement is in the air. The family leaves Old Town early in the morning as the air is turning crisp and colder. They are on their way up the Koyukuk River, when Jimmy watches a raven flip over in the air. This is a sign of “GOOD LUCK” in our Athabascan Culture.
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Read by
Lyla V
Grade 4