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Jocelyn's Unit 2 Assignment

by Jocelyn Fox


Jocelyn's Unit 2 Book Assignment
Table of Contents:
1. National Organization
2. State Organization
3. Social Media
National Organization-NAEYC
National Association for the Education of Young Children

Facebook Page: National Association for the Education of Young Children
Instagram: @naeyc
Cost of Membership:
Entry Level: $30
       Standard: $69*
       Premium: $150*
       Family: $35
Each level of membership contains different benefits. Click the audio to hear more!
Young Children (YC)
Teaching Young Children (TYC)

Annual Conference: November each year (4 day conference) COST- $365 One day Nonmember

Many articles are provided on the website that are informative, research based articles on young children as well as teaching young children
State Organization- MCEC
Michigan Council for Exceptional Children (MCEC)

Facebook Page: Michigan Council for Exceptional Children
Twitter: @MichiganCEC Instagram: @michigancec
Click the audio button for information about membership! There are many options. Feel free to browse the link below for the full information regarding membership options.
Annual conference information:
January/February (This year's is February 1-4 and it has an online version!)
For this year's online conference, registration is $399. However, now that it is past December 16th, they are charging $439 as "late registration."

There are so many articles in their journal article database for special educators!