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Teaching Experience

by Rodwell Damons


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Varsity College Nelson Mandela Bay
Teaching Experience 2023
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Rodwell Damons
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Teaching Chapter in my life.
I am a driven, industrious person with excellent communication abilities. My strong work ethic and ability to perform effectively under pressure allow me to flourish in a fast-paced professional environment. I'm a good team player. I can complete excellent work quickly and safely, and I'm a responsible and hardworking individual. I want to motivate my learners and provide for their needs while teaching and caring for them. In addition to being the greatest teacher I can be at all times, I want to take the lead in the classroom and stay up to date on new methods and technologies. Both education and youth development are areas of great personal interest to me. In order for our communities to grow, I want to make a difference and support the growth of young people.

To simultaneously teach multiple children on multiple learning levels while making sure everyone is safe, secure and having all of their needs met.
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Table of Contents
  • Teaching Philosophy
  • Classroom Management
  • CV & LinkedIn Profile
  • Teaching Blog

My Teaching Philosophy
I have a tremendous devotion for young children. I love educating and making a positive footprint in society. My purpose is to facilitate the minds of our younger generation and to be a role model to whom they can look up to. I think teaching is a fulfilling career because it allows teachers to shape youngsters in a way that will help them grow into self-assured individuals. My goal as a teacher is to instill a love of learning in the learners I teach so they are prepared for the real world. In addition, over my four years of teaching experience, I have always made an effort to connect with my learners I teach. I think that once teachers and learners are open, sincere, and respect of one another, learning will take place and learners will feel free to express their thoughts. Additionally, Intermediate Phase is one of the most important stages in a learner's academic career is the Intermediate Phase, during which they experience many emotional and physical changes.
Using learner-centered methods, I hope to empower learners to take charge of their education and develop their critical thinking abilities so they can apply what they have learned both inside and outside of the classroom. My goal is for learners to feel that their teacher is looking out for their best interests and to depart with a positive attitude toward learning.
Lastly, I hope my learners never stop questioning the world around them and always have respect for others and themselves.
Classroom Management Tool.
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Before Teaching experience
The methods and approaches teachers use to keep their classes productive and encouraging are referred to as classroom management. It requires a variety of abilities, including behavior control, effective communication, and instructional tactics, to establish an environment where students may participate actively in their education (Johnson & Smith, 2018).
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Classroom management theoretical underpinning.
According to Johnson & Smith (2018), classroom management refers to the teacher's capacity to govern the classroom completely and foster a supportive learning atmosphere. Additionally, good classroom management enables teachers to foster a productive learning environment, strengthen bonds with learners, and foster healthy relationships between teachers and learners (Johnson & Smith, 2018).
According to Johnson and Smith (2018), classroom management is the process of arranging children's time, space, and resources in a way that best facilitates their acquisition of the intended subject. According to Brown and Jones (2019), the teacher is the first person in the classroom who needs to provide a positive environment and inspire learners with the correct mindset in order to perform effectively.
The tool I have chosen for classroom management is the classroom rules for learners and the learners behavior. Second step includes the teacher having a class list with learners names on. Third step includes the teacher buying red and green stars. The fourth step includes the teacher rewarding the learners with most green stars for the week and their will not getting homework for the weekend. The fifth step include learners who received work bank must fill it up with green stars, learners who completed the work gets rewarded with a certification.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘