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Staying safe online

by Martina Martinovic


MAY 2023
Is the mobile phone important nowadays?
Nowadays the mobile phone is used by almost all in the world. But it is very important?
The mobile phone is used for everything like calling, messaging and playing. It is very important if we use it properly...
What is the pros of using mobile phone?
The mobile phone is useful for calling because if we have an emergency, we can call a number right away.
The mobile phone is also connect people all around the world quickly. Moreover, thanks to technology we have also internet, that can be use to search information like question or maybe a personal research. Additionally, it can provide convenience through tools like calendars, reminders and note-taking apps. The camera function allows for capturing memories and sharing them with others. Furthermore, the ability to connect to the internet enables easy online shopping, banking and booking appointments.
What is the cons of using mobile phone?
Even if using phone has its benefits, it still has some disadvantages, like being a huge distraction from the school or even being used for cheating in tests damaging the learning, they can even be the cause of somesort of Social Isolation. It is even one of the major channels of cyberbullying which can cause a lot of problems to the mental healt of the victim.
In conclusion...
Less social media, more social life :)
In the modern era, smartphones have become omnipresent and offer a wealth of benefits to users. They provide access to information, communication, entertainment, and productivity in a convenient and portable package. However, there are also some drawbacks to consider. Smartphones can be costly, addictive, and distracting, leading to decreased productivity and social interaction. Additionally, there are potential health risks associated with prolonged smartphone use. Overall, while smartphones offer many advantages, it is important to weigh these against the potential drawbacks and use them in a responsible and balanced manner to make the most of their benefits while minimizing their negative impacts.