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Ghost Story

by Hall Daria


In this book I will be telling you a spooky tale of a lady that still haunts wood hall Clarendon of Jamaica so get prepared for the spookiest tale of your life time ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 💀💀💀💀👻👻☠☠👻
Once upon a time there was a lady that died in 1889 she used to live in Jamaica at Wood Hall Clarendon some say that her presents still is in the woods go there in the night if you Dare you may not make it back so if you want to get a little peek of her go there in the night I dare you to and if you want to go make sure that you have a vehicle to drive away if she see's you, you are dead and here are the things you need to go on this trip you'll need flash light, bow and arrow, a bible and holy water 💀💀☠☠👻.

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