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by Aranza Ochoa Ortiz


By: Aranza Ochoa
Did you know that Portugal is the oldest country in Europe ? Portugal has existed since 1139.In my opinion Portugal is the best country you need to come and visit.You can enjoy beautiful nature,delicious food and incredible landmarks.So start planning your next vacation because it's going to be in Portugal.
Beautiful Nature

One reason to come to Portugal is the beautiful Nature.You need to go to Serra de Estrela is a Natural Park .This Park is 101 acres long and is the biggest protected area in the country.And it has two very important rivers.There is also Alvao another Natural Park  this park was founded in 1983.It has great hiking and beautiful waterfalls.Ria Formosa is also a very beautiful place it is a very long river.It has many bird types and you can go fishing tuna in the rivers but catch and release.As you can see Portugal has lots of Nature to enjoy.

Delicious Food
Another reason to come to Portugal is the delicious food here.A amazing dessert is pastel de nata is a very popular dessert in portugal and is in every patisserie.It is made with lots of egg and sugar.Caldo verde is a delicious dish.It is a hot soup made with chicken, meat or chorizo.Also caldo verde has vegetables and is a green soup.Bifanas are a delicious lunch made with pork,mustard and you can dip it in red sauce.If you come to Portugal you can try these food and ather very delicious food.
Amazing Landmarks
In Portugal there are amazing landmarks.Pena Palace is a castle located in Sintra and is a very colorful place.Wilhelm Ludwing construed this palace.The castle is on the top of the hills of Sintra and if it is a clear day you can see the castle from Lisbon.Another great building is Belem Tower is in Lisbon and it was constructed in the year 1514 .It was used for military and Francico Arruda constructed it.Last but not least Benagil Sea Cave it's in the sea and you can pass and incredible day here.You get there in kayak and you can swim and have lots of fun.Now you can see that portugal landmarks are incredible.


In my Opinion Portugal is the best country.You could see that food,landmarks and nature in Portugal are amazing.