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ABC's of Denver

by Mrs. Reming's Class


The ABC's of Denver

By Mrs. Reming's Class
Do you want to learn about Denver? If so you are in the right place.
This book is about places in Denver that helped change the city. Do you want a little sneak peak? Some of the places are the Stock Show, King Soopers, The Brown Palace, and Red Rocks which are all very cool to learn about.
Auraria is a great place to go it is a hotel a library and a aquarium auraria is also a historic landmark. Auraria the library was built in 1976 and has been standing for 42 years
By Madeline
The important people that influence the location are Moritz sigi. How it brought change to Denver is it helped lots of sea animals and people. That is how the aquarium helped.
Auraria looks like a big place that has a aquarium, library and a hotel. Auraria was founded in 1858 Auraria was around for 42 years
so auraria is a very historic land mark the hotel, library and aquarium is to. i used kiddle and google to fin Auraria
The Brown Palace
Hi your in luck today because I am going to tell you about The Brown Palace. The brown palace begun In 1889 and completed in 1892.
Denver arcitect frank east edbrook built The Brown Palace for Henry C Brown and Co-owners W.H Bush and N.M Tabor.
If it was'ent for henry cords brown the founder of the brown palace there would not be a brown palace and named after him.
As you can see that's all for now
By Libby
The Colorado Rockies played their first two seasons in Mile High Stadium while Coors Field was being built. Coors Field opened for baseball on April 26, 1995.
The Denver Art Museum
By Logan
The Denver art museum is known for it's famous arts.

The location of the Denver art museum is (100 w. 14th avenue) and the Denver art museum was founded is 1893.

The important people that influenced the location are Fredric C. Hamilton building opend in 2006.

The Denver art museum brought a change to Denver by people seeing the amazing arts it offers.

The Denver art museum looks like a big pointy structure and inside it looks really fancy and a lot of famous arts there.

Those are the things the Denver art museum has to offer.