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Antelope Canyon Elementary Events

by Kristie Howe


Antelope Canyon Elementary
We have chosen our school colors: Blue, Grey, White to go with our mascot: The Pronghorn.
Students, faculty and community helped with voting on our choice and the students celebrated the decision!
6th Grade Happenings

Dear Parents, 
We are so happy to have your awesome 6th graders back into the classroom! We’ve been busy learning many new things, and catching up with friends! Some of the topics and skills we have covered so far this year are: 

Math: Geometry and Ratios and Proportions 

Science: Ecosystems & Populations

Writing: Narrative Writing

Of course it hasn’t been all work, there’s been some play such as Music, learning the Thriller dance, and numerous STEM activities like coding and Robotics!

Some upcoming topics to look forward to will include more Ratios and Proportions as well as Dividing Fractions, Planetary Science, Argumentative writing, and plenty of little morsels of fun in between!
At the beginning of this school year, fifth-grade has been super excited to jump into our brand-new science curriculum. Over the last two months, we've been doing hands-on experiments in every class. In Miss Andy's class, they've been learning about Living Systems and actually have jars of worms creating their own compost in their class! Ew! In Mrs. Thacker's class, they've been learning all about mixtures, solutions, and the differences between physical and chemical reactions. The last experiment that they did required the kids to compare the density of four different liquids in order to layer them in a vial. In Mrs. Palmer's class, the students have been learning all about soil, rocks, and landforms. They've had a lot of fun (and ended up quite dirty) making cliff-like landforms out of clay and sand, and causing floods in stream table models. Students were also able to add different types of rocks to vinegar to get a better understanding of acid rain. As the kids have had more of an opportunity to experiment this year, we've noticed more of an excitement each day for science!
In September, each class was able to learn how to code using Sphero-robots. The kids could actually make the robots turn in certain directions, change colors, and speed! The kids had a blast working in small groups and learning how to put their robots through mazes. 
5th Grade