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the mindless fun

by carstraheart


An interview with ChloƩ the strawberry,Gabrielle the heart and last but not least Colin the carrote.
For the first 10 pages its challenges to get to the interview. First challenge witch one is the real heart and carrot chose wisly..
It was in the middle ones! Because they had black circles on them. Flip the page for the next challenge.
for this one find the off strawberry it may be in the face,position or seeds and green leaf
It was the bottom right strawberry because there a bit mark and the position like how the bottom left is a diffrent position as the bottom right.
One day Colin the carrot had 5 gumballs yellow, 16 green in totall he had 29. How much blue gumballs does he have? 1
But how much blue??? 2
-Hmmm i dont know! 3
Put your awnsers in a erasser board.