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by Dilbar Guliyeva (PYP ESL Teacher)


Importance of sleeping
By Azimbek
You may think you do nothing while you sleep but that’s actually false.
Strangely enough sleeping is when your brain is super active specifically the dream part. The dream part is called REM sleep.
Depending on your age here’s how much sleep you need.
If you’re a kid 5-10 years old you’re gonna need 10-12 hours of sleep.
Toddlers need even more.
Teens need 8-9 hours of sleep. And adults need less but it depends.
When you start to fall asleep, your muscles relax, your mind stops worrying, and your heartbeat lowers.
When you sleep your body also recovers.
Bonus page.
1.what’s the dream part of sleep called?
3.true or false adults need 10-12 hours of sleep?
2.true or false when you sleep brain does nothing?
4.true or false teens need 12-14 hours of sleep?