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Metaphors and Analogies

by Luigi Acosta

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Analogies and Metaphors
A short narration about the best 5 metaphors and subsequent analogies known to mankind!
Written by authors: D. Paredes, K. Mejia, A. Pilay, C. Larco, L. Acosta.
The voices you will hear are those of the co-creators of this book, following the order listed below:
Pilay: Analogy #1, Metaphor #1
Mejía: Analogy #2, Metaphor #2
Acosta: Analogy #3, Metaphor #3
Larco: Analogy #4, Metaphor #4
Paredes: Analogy #5, Metaphor #5
M: Time is a THIEF!!!
A: Time is like a thief, in that thieves steal physical objects, and time steals moments of our life.
M: The SNOW is a white blanket.
A: Everything is or was covered with snow thick enough to hide the actual objects and their shapes like a blanket would hide the objects it was covering.
M: Running faster than one's strength
A: No person can exceed his or her physical or emotional limits, without causing warning signals that tell us to re-route our course of action.
M: Life is like a race.
A: The one who keeps running wins the race, and the one who stops to catch a breath loses.
M: The world is one's stage
A: The world's a stage and people are THE actors, in this bittersweet play called 'Life'.
Thank YOU for participating in this wonderful journey with us, as we explored these sayings and their meanings.