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Nami is a sweet little kitten about five months old.
It happened in my life by chance.
One evening while I was walking home I heard a faint meow. It came from a cardboard box nearby, in front of a commercial building that had long been no longer in use. Inside there was a very small black kitten.
I looked around to try to understand if the mother was nearby despite the immediate doubt that the kitten had been abandoned there. Nothing, there was no one... my doubt became, with regret, a certainty. I therefore decided to pick up the little girl and take her home with me, I couldn't leave her there.
The next day I took her to the vet to make sure she was okay and get advice on how to look after her since she was really very small.
Nami immediately became part of the family, we all took care of her. She grew up very quickly, she is a very lively and playful kitten, sometimes a bit of a troublemaker, but she is also very sweet and cuddly. His favorite game is trying to catch the lights on the walls. I immediately understood that she is a special kitten when our eyes met and I saw her eyes, one yellow and one blue. I am very happy to have her with me.

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