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Issue 3 BEAVER BUGLE 2022-23

by WMS Journalism Class


Beaver Bugle
About this publication
Vol 2, Issue 3, May 2023
Alameda, CA
The Bugle is written and published by students at Wood Middle School. New editions are available in print and online.
Preparing for Promotion
by Ivy (8)

It is almost the end of the year, and eighth graders are eager to finish work and earn privileges. That includes: passing Showcase, completing community service, and a few more things.

To go to the 8th Grade Dance, June 2, students need a minimum of 10 community service hours, a 2.0 GPA, less than two U's in citizenship, and a passing Showcase grade.

Promotion itself has different requirements. The event is June 8th at 10:30 am at Kofman Auditorium. This 3rd trimester is crucial because you must have 0 suspensions, a minimum 1.75 GPA, and a complete Student Showcase with a passing grade to walk the stage.

We reported previously on Showcase. It is crucial for your promotion because it allows you to prove how much you've grown, or changed throughout middle school. It consists of your website and interview. You should be genuine and include many pieces of evidence of your work. Your biography is on your website's home page, which you may design however you choose. The second and third pages are your reflection pages, one academic and one SHOM.
Mr. Blagrave Explores Angles of New Math Role
by Mae (8)

As most people already know, Mrs. Zhang left Wood a few months ago. But what a lot of people do not know is the new teacher's -Mr. Blagrave- side of the story, and how he’s doing.

What was it like coming into a new classroom?

"Confusing isn’t the right word. I’d say it was difficult to get a handle on everything-because of everything with the first teacher and the Sub. I would say it was overwhelming with the transition."

How would you say your teaching style is similar or different from Mrs. Zhang's?

"In a lot of ways, we’re very different. I teach the why, and then the how. And I think Mrs. Zhang focused a lot on the how, and then you will understand the why when you do know how. I’m still trying."
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What is it like having to control the louder classes?

"Since I’m a newer teacher I’m still working on that, but my attitude I’ve gotten from my friends that design. I try to remove the distractions and experiment with everyone."

Have you ever taught 8th grade before? 

"Not in a public school setting, but in after school programs." 
Students prepare for the 2023 Showcase Interviews, held throughout campus, May 19.
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AVID @Wood
Next year, students will have a variety of electives to choose from, including: Art, Advanced Art, Engineering, Drama, Beginning Band, Concert Band, Guitar, 6th Grade Wheel, and now...AVID!
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by Naiya, Natalia, Madeline (7)

We set out to find out what the buzz is about a new elective coming to Wood in the 2023-2024.

Ms. Mojica, our 8th grade counselor, answered a few questions.

What does AVID stand for? 
“AVID stands for advancement via individual determination.”  

What do you do in the class?
“Students receive additional academic and emotional support and help you succeed in the school's courses. The class helps you build skills that you will need in highschool.”

Why is this just now becoming an elective?
“We just now have the resources and a teacher willing to teach the class.”

Who teaches AVID?
“Ms. Scott.”

MS. Scott Interview:

What is avid?
oh avid is a bridge program to support people who may be first generation college students. A lot of the time when you have someone who’s gone to college before you, you can figure out how to do things. There's a lot of school stuff that is not necessarily about work.

What do students do in the class?
You are learning skills on how to learn that people don't necessarily give you.

Why is this just now becoming an elective?
I don't know. I didn't bring the program, but I just teach it.

Why should People Join avid?
If you are struggling with ‘‘why am I not getting it?’’  and you go to class and are like ‘‘I'm taking notes, I'm in class, I don't know what to write, for the notes, I'm looking at other people and they seem to get it…’’  So if you know you're smart enough, but you're just not getting it. Avid is the place to go. To help reach that gap.
What do you think AVID stands for?

Hannah: Advanced Videos in Detention

Natalia: Apples Vegetables I-Don't-Know Dandelions

Madeline: A Vitamin In Decomposition 

Jayla+Diamond+Mahri: Advocate of Various Interesting Decisions

Sam+Ivan: Alameda Vocal Improvement Department

Campus News
Keep up with news on campus especially TUPE presentation in lifeskills, what you can learn and the importance of it.
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TUPE Talks Tobacco Truths
by Audrey (8)

T.U.P.E Presentations returned to Life Skills classrooms this year. Not all teachers signed up, but if you were lucky to hear these students, you know the information was valuable.

For those who missed out, here is the rundown, TUPE leaders gave a brief presentation and engaged the class in a group activity surrounding tobacco use prevention.

There are many different presentations that could be presented based on who was assigned to your classroom. Some examples of presentations were:

--“Gasping For Air” which is an activity where the T.U.P.E members will provide straws to everyone in the classroom, and students will use the straw to simulate the effects of vaping.

--“The BB activity” where the presenters will pour bb pellets into a jar to represent how many people a year die of tobacco use/alcohol abuse.
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TUPE leaders worked hard this year to understand the effects of tobacco on our bodies and to educate their peers about this. If you are a 6th or 7th grader, consider volunteering next year.
TUPE leaders + their activities:

BB Activity- T.U.P.E leaders Bella and Theo pour BB pellets into a jar, every one pellet represents a life lost due to drug/alcohol abuse.

Gasping for air- Student volunteers breathe out of a small straw while plugging their nose to simulate what it’s like to breathe with emphysema. (Audrey, Dani)

Pig lungs- T.U.P.E leaders Zoey, Mahri, Isota showcase the difference between healthy (pig) lungs versus lungs that were frequently exposed to smoke.

Tar and phlegm jar- T.U.P.E leaders Lilly, John, Sophia present what forms inside of your lungs when you smoke by the contents of the tear and phlegm jar.

Large Cigarette- T.U.P.E leaders Ian, Danika, Durga use a large cigarette to show what chemicals are found inside tobacco products.
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Lilly, John, and Sophia present information about Tar and Phlegm in a Jar to Ms. Shepard's Life Skills class.
Health News
Health is a very important concern here at wood whether it's mental or physical there are counselers and trusted adults all around!
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Sex Ed: Learning About Who We Are
When You Need More Nutrients
by Ivy (8)

What's nutrition? The intake and utilization of food and other nourishing materials by the body.

Your nutrient needs are influenced by factors such as your age, growth stage, and activity level. Nutrients are so small that they are invisible to the naked eye. Carbohydrates, fats, minerals, proteins, vitamins, and water are the six major nutrients you need. These are some of the things that the body cannot produce on its own and must obtain from food sources. Fiber is not a nutrient; rather, it is food that cannot be fully broken down by human digestive enzymes. It functions like a sweeper to remove waste from the body as it moves through the intestines whole.

Nutrition is an important part of health and development. Better nutrition is associated with stronger immune systems, safer pregnancy along with childbirth, a lower risk of noncommunicable diseases (such as diabetes), and increased longevity. The advantages of healthy eating include having healthy skin, teeth, and eyes. It also helps muscles, boosts immunity, and digestion. Finally, nutrition refers to the study of food and how it influences the body's health and growth. Foods contain nutrients, which our systems need to grow, reproduce, and survive.

Nutrition Fun Facts:
- Broccoli has almost as much calcium as whole milk and twice as much vitamin C as an orange, with greater calcium absorption!
- The fruit that people eat the most worldwide is mango.
- You can profit from more iron in your food by cooking it in a cast iron skillet.
- Generally speaking, a person can go for about three days without water.
- Eating healthy meals can improve your mood.
- Body climate is regulated by water.
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
by Mahri and Zoey (8)

A few weeks ago, both 6th and 8th graders began Sex Ed (sex education) in their science classes. Throughout the unit, students learned about ways to prevent, avoid, and protect against unplanned pregnancies and STDs. This included learning about condoms and other methods of protection to avoid unwanted pregnancies, like birth control and female condoms. We are informed about LGBTQ+ relationships, and how to ask for consent when experiencing various situations.

Teachers tell students about the different body parts and what they do. Students were assigned packets to fill out during the lessons which included images and scenarios according to the topic. While being shown how to use a condom by an instructive video, teachers brought in condoms to help kids learn how to stay safe and not misuse the protective methods.

All in all, we were taught many important lessons that will help ensure that students are aware how to stay safe.
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All About Alameda
"Goodbye...? oh no, please. Can't we go back to page one and do it all over again?" - Winnie the Pooh
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Franklin Park
Alameda Free Library
Comic Panel 1
by Zack (8)

Franklin Park is one of the more central parks on the corner of Paru and San Antonio and you have an assortment of sports you could play. There's baseball, tennis, soccer, basketball, and lacrosse.

One of the unknown secrets in Alameda is that you never need to buy soccer balls. If you are ever playing tennis, you have most likely hit a ball over the fence and you probably never got it back, but if you have taken a look at the pool area, you will know that there is a giant roof next to the swimming pool that is also next to a grass field. All year long people kick balls up onto this roof and never get them down. There's a fence next to the roof that's about twenty feet high, part of it has barbed wire on it but not all of it. Any person who can climb a fence that hight, is automatically subject to free sports balls.

However, I have some advice:
Don't fall, it will hurt.
Don't get caught on the barbed wire.
Don't fall off the roof, it's very unstable.

If you ever need balls for mostly any sport, remember this and the rules of the roof.
by Ivy (8)

The Alameda Free Library is in the city of Alameda, California. The Carnegie library was built from 1902 to 1903, and was the first designated building for the city's library. To access an Alameda library card, you need photo identification and proof of address required for all registrations. People of all ages come here to focus on their learning goals or as a quiet space to do work. Individuals succeed in Alameda Free Library’s no-pressure, non-academic environment.

Alameda Free Library is located in front of the police department on Oak Street. The director of this library is Jane Chisaki. She began as the Children's Librarian in 1984. Later on, she was officially selected as Library Director in August 2006, the same year as the opening of the new Main Library. 
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Address1550 Oak St, Alameda, CA 94501

Friday10 AM–5 PM
Saturday10 AM–5 PM
Sunday12–5 PM
Monday10 AM–8 PM
Tuesday10 AM–8 PM
Wednesday12–8 PM
Thursday10 AM–5 PM

Phone(510) 747-7740
"Reflection. Looking back so that the view looking forward is even clearer." - Unknown
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Showcase Snippets: Eighth Graders Share Reflections
"In the 8th Grade, I wanted to get further into developing my craft, so I entered Engineering Class. ... I would learn how to use different tools in the Tad Lab for my projects. An example of evidence for this would be my Take Apart project. Mr Nguyen would give us a toolbox that had many different screwdrivers that specialized in taking many types of screws. I would learn how to use these different screwdrivers and I learned that there were many different screws that needed different screwdrivers. I was fascinated and I loved using this Studio Habit. " - Kevin G
"Understanding the world of Engineering means to learn about the concepts of engineering and the history of engineering and showing how it is used in history and today. It also means understanding how important engineering is to the community." - Wenjie
"During the time that I’ve spent here at Wood Middle School, I’ve demonstrated growth in Stretching and Exploring. Stretching and Exploring has helped me step outside my comfort zone, try new things, and learn more about myself. I know that I’ve grown because I’m beginning to feel more comfortable trying things that I’m not used to doing. In the past, I used to find it difficult to step outside my comfort zone. I was always used to things that I already knew, so it was hard tapping into things that I wasn’t familiar with. Here at Wood, I had the support of teachers, peers, and even strangers who taught me that it was okay to be scared. It was okay to not be used to things, and that it’s always good to at least try." - Xen