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Spending time with my family!

by Lacey Armstrong


Spending time with my Family!

By Lacey Armstrong
This book is dedicated to all of the children in the world that need's a home and family. Also for when someone adopts you for the first time you won't be scared and you will know what it will be like to be loved.
No matter what you look like there will always be somebody that wants you.
Your family that adopts you will love you no matter what color you are how you act or even if you have a certain dieses they will love you for you and your personality.
They will make you feel like you have a real home by celebrating your birthday, give you hugs and kisses when you go to bed and when you wake up. They will give you food whether you like it or not they will try to keep you healthy the best they can because your family loves you.
When you are feeling upset your parents will try to make you feel better by going outside and staring at the stars and try to make objects out of the stars with your family.