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by Kumkum Singh



Assignment No-1- Prepare ID for anyone topic
ADDIE Title-Communication and its advantages and disadvantages
M.Ed. (Sem-IV)
Prepared By-Kumkum Singh
Subject- EVS I
Chapter-Communication and Mass Media
Context analysis
My audience is going to be grade 5th state board students from uran region. According to the cognitive level base the students are only aware of communication .
They are not aware of the types of communication and its advantage or disadvantage.
For identifying the previous Knowledge the teacher has conducted an activity by displaying the pictures on communication and asking to tell some few lines on it.
Through this activity teacher will be able to identify the gap in the knowledge construction of content.
Learner analysis
Teacher will target slow learner for this content.
Students will be engaged in various activities plan in this Addie model. Students will be interested in discussion as they will be able to share their experience from which teacher will recognize their previous knowledge.
Teacher will deliver the lecture through new app book creator which is amazing and interactive platform for interactive session in class.
Teacher will prior inform the students about the session so that students will have proper devices for connection.
For this teacher will choose zoom as an online session platform for presenting and explaining the class.
Need analysis
        The need for this topic is due to its importance in day today life. Due to this topic students would be aware of communication and its impact on our day to day life.
Students would be able to understand its advantage and disadvantage of communication.
Students would be able to understand the types of communication.
Content Analysis
Types of Communication
Advantages and Disadvantages of Communication