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Hi I'm Maddie and Welcome to My Poems



hi im maddie and welcome to my
I am brave and i fighter
i wonder how long i'm gonna be here for
i hear that america is supposed to be a fairy tale
i see little girls in yellow dresses running away
i want to know how many more days?
i am a fighter
i pretend that this is a happy place
i feel disgusted for being here
i touch my face its icky with make-up ew
i worry about my mom,siblings,and others
i cry when i'm scared for being here
i am brave
i understand why i'm here but then i don't
i say to myself you are a brave person
i dream that i was back home
i try not to think about it but i can't
i hope that my aunt comes back so she could take me back home
is loving,caring,funny,food person,dramatic,drama queen
loves friends,family,food,dogs,makeup,drama
is good at making food,sleeping,dancing
feels tired,happy,bored,hangry ,amazing
need love,food,ice cream,bed
wants food,candy,ice cream,my bed
fear of snakes,spider,bad make-up,having a pimple
likes to eat pasta,tacos,french fries,ice-cream
watches netflixs,amazon prime,walin out
is resident of Mott haven,New York City
madison poem
M moddy in the morning
A always drinking coffee
D dancing really good
I interested in food
S sassy,pretty and
O over dramatic and
N nervous
i go to the mall
looking for bling,gucci glam
dork diaries
dork diaries full of drama
its my favorite book
the characters show there emotions and how they fell
Rachel Renee Russell did her hard word on 17 books
its a really great book
i love this book
its really like a drama book
and people know that i lovvvve drama
for dork diaries