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Tell me the way to go there

by lilla roosa


Tell Me the Way to Go There
written by
Lilla Roosantie
This is a map of my school
Useful language:
There are some expressions commonly used to ask for and give direction:
Expressions for giving direction:
·      Can you tell me the way to the bank?
·      Excuse me, do you know the way to the hospital?
·      Where is the … from here?
·      Excuse me sir, I am looking for …. How do I get there?
·      Do you know the direction to ….
·      Pardon me, What are the directions to ….
·      What is the way to …?
·      Please tell me the way to …?
·      Could you help me the way to ….
·      Can you give me directions to ….
·      Do you know the direction to go to Inna Hotel?
Expressions for giving direction:
·      Turn left at the traffic lights.
·      Turn into the Pahlawan Road
·      Go straight on for about 50 metres
·      Go along Ijen street.It’s on the left
·      It’s at the end of the public digital library
·      At the intersection turn right
·      At the intersection turn left
·      It’s the second building on your right
·      Walk that way until you see petrol station
·      Go up/down … for … blocks
Directions to the Museum
(situation : There are two men on the street corner)
Tourist:   Excuse me, can you help me? I'm lost!
Person:   Certainly, where would you like to go?
Tourist:   I'd like to go to the museum, but I can't find it. Is it far?
Person:   No, not really. It's about a 5 minute walk.
Tourist:   Maybe I should call a taxi ...
Person:   No, no. It's very easy. Really. (He is pointing) I can give you directions.
Tourist:   Thank you. That's very kind of you.
Person:    Not at all. Now, go along this street to the traffic lights. Do you see them?
Tourist:   Yes, I can see them.
Person:   Right, at the traffic lights, turn left into Ijen Boulevard.
Tourist:   Ijen Boulevard avenue.
Person:   Right. Go straight on. Take the second left and enter Museum Brawijaya.
Tourist:   OK., Ijen Boulevard avenue, straight on and then the third left, Museum Brawijaya. The second street on my left.
Person:   Right. Just follow Museum Brawijaya and the museum is at the end of the road.
Tourist:   Great. Thanks again for your help.
Person:   my pleasure.