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LG's Adventures

by Jennifer Greenberg

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LG's Adventures
Greenberg's Dragons

Me and my Dad went down to the address sign is.
Then I went inside and read Wings of Fire to LG and his stuffed animal friends.
Then for dinner, we went down to the picnic area and ate dinner. LG didn't eat because he would have got messy. Then LG made smores for me.
LG and my mom helped color my hair blue but LG just watched.
LG ate the cucumbers on his face and he tried to eat mine but I didn't let him because I had slimy facemask stuff on them.
Me and LG watched a movie called Elemental.
Me and LG watched Dino Dana because he wanted to in my bed tent. He said that he really liked it. He was also scared because there was a thunder storm outside.

Me and LG were reading a book together it was sad mean and funny!!!
Me and LG were taking an ap. I love taking naps with LG that was fun.