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Meeting AI

by Bert Ventzki

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Table of contents

Preface 3

Discussing (with) AI 4

Pictures drawn by AI and students 6
explanatory text 10
reflecting the differences 11

AI generated arts 12
AI visualises a poem 14

AI generated art (Mona Lisa) 16

Is AI dangerous to humanity 18

Interviewing AI 20
our conclusion 23

AI generated art 24
Preface: Meeting AI - a project - EF 2023

All the exams were written, the curricular topics dealt with...
So - what to do in the last few lessons of this year?
The English teachers offered different topics relevant in the 21st century, one of which was: MEETING AI
This book contains the results of our group's research. We wanted to „meet AI“ and find out more about the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence.
So we made it draw pictures, interpret our poems, we read articles about AI that highlight the risks (AI could lead to extinction: and interviewed AI, discussed with it.
There might still be some language mistakes and of course this book is not meant to be a scientific paper. We simply describe our experiences and the impression we gained when dealing with AI.