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“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
- Nelson Mandela -

In times of great change, we all need helping hands we can rely on. This change began years before we set foot on this earth and yet we as the young generation have made it our mission to do everything in our power to create our "Europia" - Our European Utopia.
In the summer of 2018, we started our three-year journey towards a better future with the project "Erasmus+". Six schools from the six European countries – France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Romania – joined forces to ask themselves what our differences and similarities are, as well as implement sustainability projects. But what does sustainability actually mean? Is it the protection of biodiversity? The reduction of plastic production? Or something completely different? We have learned that everything that provides a happy and healthy future is sustainable. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, which should be achieved until 2030, set out exactly that. We have oriented ourselves to these goals. We have asked ourselves again and again: What creates peace? How do you combine climate protection and industry? And what about society? What does a community like Europe mean - mean for us?
Funded by the European Union, we sat down and made plans. We travelled to each participating country, albeit sometimes only virtually due to the Covid19 pandemic, and discussed what we could do as young citizens of the world.
Together, we set up projects that allowed us to forge intercultural links under the EU flag. A documentary project and a picture contest led us to the perception: These are the shoulders we stand on.
All that we did in three years in each of the six countries is now summarised in our big "Europia" book. But the most important achievement cannot be squeezed into words, because friendship is the driving force that we all take away from this project. We have all made new friends who may be miles away and yet, through a shared dream, seem very close.
These three years of the project are now behind us, but we look forward with pride and confidence and are grateful for the companions we know are by our side.

Amelie Fox, Hamburg
My home town
Faro is an historic and culturally rich city, located in the south of Portugal, opened to the Ria Formosa lagoon.
The walls that surrounded the town in Moorish and Medieval times;
the vestiges of the past still to be seen in churches and museums; the refreshing green of gardens beside the Ria and the sea; the outline of noble residences that bear witness to Faro’s splendor in centuries past; narrow streets of whitewashed houses that recall the town’s Moorish heritage: these are among the sights to be savored on a walk around Faro, a city where there is lots to see, to enjoy and to remember. 

The Archway “Arco da Vila” marks the entrance to The Old City.
City Hall 
Mariana Fernandes and Sofia Salcedo