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Issue 8

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Kyson Chronicles
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Issue 8
January 2024
Famous Authors visit Kyson!
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Not even the rain could spoil our mood this term! We have taken part in lots of sporting events, met three fabulous authors, let our imaginations soar on our Science Days, seen the arrival of our new outdoor classroom and had our playtimes totally transformed. Read on to find out more about what Kyson has been up to this term!
  • Meet the Journalists
  • Kyson & Sports
  • Mr Fenelon's Fantastic Move-Up
  • Positive as Possible
  • The Dig
  • Let's Talk Languages
  • Parham
  • Our Interview with Mrs De Vita
  • Year 6 Evacuee Day
  • Kyson's Science Festival
  • Poetry Slam
  • Fantastic Fireworks!
  • Dominique Valente at Kyson
  • Reading Around the School
  • The Million Word Challenge
  • Book Recommendations
Meet the Journalists of Issue 8
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
My favourite Kyson memory is probably when I stepped into my new class for the first time.
If I could anywhere, I would go to Korea, because i ♡ sanrio [hello kitty] and Korea has cute stuff.
I love art because I can get hard things of my mind [if I have any].
Did you know? My cousin is a singer.
My top tip for future journalists: pick a topic that has a lot of information.

Comic Panel 1
My favourite Kyson memory (so far) is probably the recent fireworks night.
If I could go anywhere, I would go to either Scotland because its a fav of my family's or France because I like their food and I want to swim in a warm sea.
My favourite subject is Art. I am all about art art art art art! I love painting, drawing, sketching, collage - you name it!
Something unusual about me: our dog had 9 puppies.
My advice for new journalists is to write about what you find interesting.
My favourite Kyson memory was when Miss Bound dropped a vinegar egg on herself and the whole classroom smelled of vinegar!
If I could visit anywhere, I would visit Australia because I miss my cousins.
My favourite subject is Art because I like to draw. ✏️
Did you know: I was born in London and moved to LA before moving to Woodbridge!
My advice for future journalists is: don't be afraid to ask questions!
My favourite Kyson memory is my Year 4 class assembly - I loved being Mrs Barnesmore!
I would visit Florida because that is where Harry Potter world is and I am a MASSIVE Harry Potter fan!!!!
My favourite subject at Kyson is Reading because I just ADORE books! 🥰
My surprising fact is that I was born 5 weeks early!
My advice for future journalists is: be inquisitive about what you are writing about! Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
My favourite Kyson memory is our Viking assembly in year 4.

If I could travel anywhere, I would go to Scotland because it is near and is meant to have really nice waterfalls.

My favourite subjects are DT and English. English because I enjoy making stories and DT because I like making things.

Something surprising about me is that I am part Indian and part Scottish.

My advice to future journalists is: just have fun, be confident and do your best.
Meet the Journalists of Issue 8
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
My favourite Kyson memory is when we made toast in reception (I like toast, alright?!)

If I could visit anywhere in the world, I would visit.... Peru! The vast jungles always seem to be an interest of mine, also, who wouldn't want to meet Paddington!!

My favourite subject at school would be a tough decision between English and art. They are both creative subjects, and I enjoy expressing myself through art and creative writing.

Something surprising about me is that I can roll my tongue into weird positions, for example I can roll it, make a W shape with it, and make it look like I have very fat lips 🤪.

My advice to future journalists would be: think about your target audience. What age are they? Is it a formal or exciting piece of work? What are you trying to address? You always need to consider those key points when writing an article.
My favourite Kyson memory is when we built dens and tents and then ate lunch in them.
I would go to Africa to see all of the amazing animals in the safari.
My favourite subject at school is probably either Art because I'm really creative or French because we're doing a play on TinTin and it's really fun.
Something to know about me: I love school!
My top tip would be to find something INTERESTING and just start no matter what because then it will just flow out of you.
My favourite Kyson memory was our year 5 assembly because we got to write our own lines.
If I could visit anywhere in the world, I would visit the US because I've always wanted to go to Yellowstone National Park.
My favourite subject is either English or History because I like learning about the past and I want to be a children's author when I'm older.
My advice to future journalists: always try to choose a subject that will keep you interested.
My favourite Kyson memory is getting the drama award in year one because I did so well in the Nativity.
If I could visit anywhere in the world, I would go to Vietnam because my parents went there and they said it was great.
My favourite subject is English because I love writing stories.
My surprising fact: I was born two weeks late my umbilical cord was rapped around my neck and the doctors had to do emergency surgery because my heart rate decreased by 20 beats per minute.
My advice is to always speak truthfully and do not twist the person’s words.
My favourite Kyson memory would be doing the year 1 and 2 nativity in front of all the parents.

If I could go anywhere, I would go to Australia because with a big family it will be very hard to go so if I got the opportunity then I would take it. 

One surprising thing about me: I really hate explaining stuff, like say if I went on holiday I would not like telling people what happened but I don't know why I don't like it.

My advice to new journalists is to try mix it up a bit and don't talk about things everyone knows already so you can surprise everyone reading.
Meet the Journalists of Issue 8
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
3 interesting facts about me!
Mr Fenelon's wife was training to be a midwife while I was being born and missed delivering me by 5 minutes.
I am ambidextrous. 
When I was a small kid I ran away in the campsite to go to the toilet.

My favourite Kyson memory is making yummy spaghetti in year 5.
I would visit Japan probably, because there is lots of good food.
My favourite subject is probably DT or art, as I am one creative guy.
Something surprising about me: my old house had a painting TV show airing near my home, and I made a potential cameo.
My advice to future journalists is: always be finding out new interviews, and questions to make an interesting article.
My favourite Kyson memory is probably fireworks night.
If I could go anywhere I would go to Italy because it has brilliant food and some very interesting sights.
HISTORY is 100% my favourite subject. It is not only interesting but it explains a lot about key events throughout time. (I would suggest reading Horrible Histories books).
Did you know? My thumb can bend back surprisingly far!
A top tip for journalism is to pick something you enjoy and come up with great ideas.
K y s o n & S p o r t s
Kyson love taking part in all the different sporting activities and we can't wait for the next term's to come! Throughout this term we have achieved so much and have pushed Kyson to the limits to succeed and continue to make the Kyson family proud.
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Keep it up Kyson!
Football! football! football!
Year 6 went to an amazing match against St. Mary's and played outstandingly well and had great fun.
After 2 full matches the teachers and the school were blown away with the grins that lit up our faces when we returned to school the next day!! We couldn't have been more proud but we didn't play our best but still rose to the standard the teachers and team set.
By Tilly
Get sporty with a smile!


Comic Panel 1
Kyson has been given the privilege to play different sports outside of school and on Friday 24th of November 2023 Kyson year 6s will be taking part On a intrasports tag rugby competition and are super excited for it. On Monday the 27th of November we will be taking part against Melton year 5s.
We all know people have different ways of getting fit and healthy and one of them is Kyson's favourite . . . SPORTS!!!!!
We also know you can't say you played a good game of football or loved your tennis match or whatever sport you play, without having a great big smile on your face.
Now Kyson knows that but does the rest of the world? That is what we are going to find out.
On the 29th of September, we played an amazing football match and even though we didn't get the score we were hoping we still had a great time and helped the world experience some Kyson joy!