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Issue 5

by Kyson Chronicles


Issue 5
Autumn/Winter 2022
A new school year - a new edition!
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It's the Autumn/Winter term and it's almost time for Santa to pay us a visit. As Christmas time brings Kyson even more joy and laughter, we hope you will enjoy reading about all the fun and interesting things we have been doing this year. From our new book nook to sport events, author visits to year 6's WW2 exhibit, there is something to interest everyone!
Meet the Journalists
Being New to Kyson
Author Interviews and Visits!
The Nest
Friday Discos
Play Leading and Swimming
WWW - Writing We Want
Super Science
WW2 Exhibit
Parham Airfield Museum Trip
Year 4 Highlights!
Your Worries, Answered
Game Pages
Meet the Journalists!
We have another fantastic writing team!
Comic Panel 1
Favourite food:

Favourite music:
Rock music.

Favourite colour:
Aquamarine blue

Favourite subject:

Favourite sport:

My life motto:
Have fun now, worry about the mess later!
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Jacob C
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Favourite food:
Chicken tikka masala.

Favourite colour:

Favourite sports:
Netball and football.

My life motto:
Winners never quit and quitters never win.
Favourite food:
Wagamama noodles and guacamole with tortilla chips
Favourite thing to do:
Drawing and making posters on a device and playing with my gerbil.
Favourite Subject:
Favourite colours:
Purple and green
Favourite tv show:
Horrible Histories (obvs)
Life motto:
Life is always better with pizza.
Favourite sport:
I like rugby. I am also mad about swimming!

Favourite food:
My favourite food is pizza.

I like cars!
Favourite comic: Hellboy

Favourite music artist: Gene Simmons

Favourite TV show: Doctor Who

Favourite things to do: Have fun, play music, see movies

Life motto:
Meet the Journalists.... cont!
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Jacob L
Favourite subjects:
My favourite subjects are Art and Science.

Favourite hobby:
My favourite hobby is drawing!

Favourite food:
My favourite food is sticky rice and fried chicken.
Favourite Subjects:
My favourite subjects are P.E and French.

What I am good at:
I'm good at acting and geography. I'm also funny!

Favourite food:
My favourite subject is History. My favourite hobbies are learning about WW2 and being in goal for football. My favourite food is tandoori curry.
"We had such fun working together!"
Being New to Kyson
by Gethyn
When I first came to Kyson, I felt a bit nervous. Soon, though I felt like I wasn't any different from anyone else. That's a good thing. I felt part of Kyson. Everyone was kind and nice. I joined year six straight away. The class was bigger than my old school and there are two classes here instead of just one in the year. There are about three times as many children at Kyson than at my old school! I like it with more people. There are more people to make friends with.
The lessons are different. I am learning lots of new things! I haven't learnt French before so I feel happier learning French because I wanted to learn a new language. The ICT is different too. We did different things and didn't have it as often. It's good doing it so often now!
I like that there are Learning Ambassadors here. I'm one myself. It's a good idea as it helps younger children to learn.
Everyone is a lot friendlier at Kyson. There are lots of things to play with at lunchtimes. You can always find something to do. No one is ever left out.
One of my favourite things at Kyson is winning the Pride of Kyson and going on the play equipment. The first week I was here we won it and I got to go on it!
Comic Panel 1
I interviewed another girl in my class about their experience of being a new child at Kyson (Iris G):
How old are you?

What is your favourite part about the school?
The library

How did you feel when you moved schools?
Nervous at first but now I've made lots of friends and feel like I really fit in.

Do you do any clubs?
Yes - I've done multisport, girls football, netball and mixed football. KI also go to after school club.

What is your favourite thing abut Kyson?
My best friends.

What school did you go to before Kyson?

Can you swim?
Yes. I do enjoy it. the lessons at the Deben have been helpful.

Thank you Iris! We are so glad you came to Kyson!
Staff Interviews!
by Gethyn
Meet Mrs Payne
Meet Mrs Brennan
Welcome Back Mrs Holmes!
How have you found being at Kyson?
Mrs Payne has found the school really nice and kind.

What did you do before you came to Kyson?
Mrs Payne used to be a librian.

What is your role at Kyson?
Mrs Payne: I'm an admin assistant.

Do you know how to swim?
Mrs Payne: Yes, but I'm not very good at it now.

What are your favourite hobbies?
Mrs Payne: Reading, walking and shopping.

What is the best thing about Kyson?
Mrs Payne: Everybody is so happy and friendly.
How have you found being at Kyson?
I love being at Kyson!

What did you do before you came to Kyson?
Before I came to Kyson, I did the same job as I do now, which is being a family support worker, but at another school.

Do you know how to swim?
I know how to swim and I used to swim in a professional pool.

What are your favourite hobbies?
My favourite hobbies are swimming and seeing my friends.

What do you think is the best thing about Kyson?
The best thing about Kyson is that everybody is like one big family.

What do you do at Kyson?
I am a family support worker.
How have you found being at Kyson?
It is such a friendly place, happy place to be. I love coming to work!

What did you do before you came to Kyson?
I was working in another school in Kent.

Do you know how to swim?
I do. I love to swim.

What are your favourite hobbies?
My favourite hobbies are walking, reading and sewing.

What do you think is the best thing about Kyson?
The best thing about Kyson is that everybody is so kind and welcoming.

What do you do at Kyson?
My role is teaching KS1 forest school.
In school,there will be authors visiting the school,one of them you might know already!
Comic Panel 1
In Kyson Primary School,we are very lucky to have Mrs.Gunson as a teacher AND an author too!The name of the book that Mrs.Gunson has wrote is called "Alex and their Extraordinary Everyday Adventures, Off to the Park" It looks super cool!Also as well as Mrs Gunson, we have been visited by another amazing author visitor this year. I will also be talking about the new book nook to the right. -->
There will be a new book nook in the school, a cosy shed where you can go to read all the books you like, even if it's drama, action, comedy, mystery, anything you like. You could even probably find a book with all of them! You could go there in at lunchtimes and talk to other book lovers.
by Jacob L