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Issue 4

by Kyson Chronicles


Issue 4
Summer 2022
It's Summer at Kyson!
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It's Summertime again at Kyson and along with the all glorious sunshine, is a lot of fun, hard work and good cheer. We've had more multisport events, science and arts days, the book fair, School Fair, class swaps, SATS, Mersea Island, the year 6 production.... and that's just the tip of a very big iceberg! We hope you enjoy reading about a few of the things our team of journalists have chosen to share with you in this issue.
- Meet the Journalists
- Mersea Island
- Year 6 Production
- Year 5 Highlights
- Assemblies, Pride of Kyson & Positive Playtimes Cup
- Play times and Play Leaders
- Disco
- Summer at Kyson
- Your Worries, Answered
- Game Page
Meet the Journalists!
We have another fantastic writing team!
Comic Panel 1
Favourite Food:
Homemade pizza, Big Mac

Favourite Hobby:
Cycling, scootering

Favourite Songs:
Count On Me, Seven Years

Favourite Kyson memory:
Caving at Mersea Island
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Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Favourite lesson:

Best talent:

Favourite memory of the year:
Getting my leavers' hoodie.
Favourite hobbies:

Favourite lesson:

Favourite memory of the year:
Cooking Spaghetti Bolognese.

Favourite quote:
We are kind.
Favourite hobbies:
Playing football and puppets.

Favourite lesson:
P.E. and learning about Shabbat in R.E.

Favourite quote:
Never going to give up!
Favourite subject:

Favourite fact about me:
I play the violin.

Favourite Kyson memory:
My favourite memory of Kyson is going to Mersea Island.
Mersea Island
2 weeks after their SAT's, the Yr6's go on a residential trip to Mersea Island.
Questions and answers

How will we get there?
The Yr6's will spend about 1 hour on a coach to Mersea Island, then carry their things to the campsite.

What should we bring?
All the Yr6's are advised to bring warm clothes, camping gear, an outfit for the disco and lots, lots more.

What will we eat?
We will mainly eat things of the school menu, but a vegetarian option will always be available, and, if needed, changes can be made.

What sort of activities will we do?
There will be multiple activities available, including climbing, caving and the leap of faith!

I've heard other children talk about 'The Disco'. What is this?
The disco will be quite alike the Kyson disco on Friday's, except we will be aloud to wear special clothes (and it goes on quite a lot later!)
When I went to Mersea Island, my group did all the amazing activities in this order:
1. Caving
2. The Ariel Adventure
3. Low ropes
4. The Leap of Faith
5. Adventure Course
7. The Zipline (personally my FAVOURITE)
8. Mountain Biking
9. Swimming
10. Kit Karts
11. Climbing
12. Pedal Karts
The Mersea Island Tents.
The Mersea Island tents are a big part of the Yr6 residential trip. They determine how much or little sleep we will have! These are some pictures:
The Yr6 production
Ali Baba - Noah 6W and Mikey 6F
Flossy Baba - Freya 6W and Elspeth 6F
Princess Satsuma - Harper 6W and Poppy 6W
Geine - Beth 6W and Lottie 6F
Baltherzar Bongo - Diggory 6W and Dylan 6F
The Grand Vizier - Alice 6W and Lucas 6F
Sultan Pepper - Olly 6W and Harry 6F
Dusty Sandles - Charlie 6W and Alex 6F
Sandy Sandles - George 6W and Sam 6F
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Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
by Ollie
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Comic Panel 4
We have learned about biomes and life cycles!
Comic Panel 5
Shabbat bread
Comic Panel 6
Comic Panel 1
Some of us have trained as multiskills trainers.
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Comic Panel 4
We made spaghetti bolognese.