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Virtual Book "An opinion paragraph

by Martin Josue Cardenas


Name: Martin Cardenas

Grade: 9 A

School year: 2021-2022

Date: 02/03/2022

Theme: Writing: Virtual Book "An opinion paragraph"

Technology is a response to man's desire to transform the environment and improve his quality of life. It includes knowledge and techniques developed over time that are used in an organized manner in order to satisfy some need.

Well-used technology can improve people's quality of life (such as the development of cleaner production methods). However, misused, it can cause great harm to people and society (for example, the use of technology for attacks and crimes).

For example, cell phones over time change their size, their ram and their brand.
Difference Between Technology and Science
Technology and science are not exactly the same, although they are related concepts. Science aims to obtain knowledge, while technology is knowledge applied in a rational and orderly manner to solve a problem. In addition, science seeks the truth while technology, efficiency.

Both science and technology are often mutually supportive. The first uses the second for research, while the second uses the first to solve a problem.

We bring you a selection of examples related to technology:

Artificial intelligence.
Internet system.

We hear about technology almost daily. Unlike the concept of science, technology would seem to be closer to us, because we recognize that we live permanently immersed in it. We even see it in new spaces that we have to go through, speeding up processes and shortening times.
And we also hear of it when it is blamed for the distance between people, their depersonalization and its undesirable effects on life and the environment. In short, we know of many uses of technology: it heals but it also kills, it educates but it also impoverishes thought, it speeds up or complicates our lives, it brings people closer and further apart... It would seem that there are technophilic and technophobic positions among which we debate, while we live with it.

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