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Sunny and Dog and Cats

by Robyn Thornton


sunny and dog and cats
story by robyn thornton and photos by robyn
Once upun a time there lived a boy named sunny who lived with his best friends.he had black hair and blue eyes.
One day his best friends told him to go to the vet
chapter 1
in the bag he had some dog food and some cat treats.
with a bag
chapter 2
sunny began to walk in a forest . He began look around. he saw a figure. Joey asked "what is in your bag?" " some dog food and cat treats" said sunny. Joey ran off and sunny started walking again.
chapter 3
sunny saw the vet. the vet had animals running around. when he got there knocked on the door "who is it? "said a voice "Its me sunny" said sunny " come in " said the voice sunny walked in.
chapter 4
Sunny sat with his dog and cat "what big torso you have "said sunny " all the better to play with you"said the dog ." why dont you have a tail" said sunny "they cut it off!!" said the cat " what a big bag you have " "all the better to steal your dog and cat!"said joey suddenly joey jumped out of the bed and chased sunny
chapter 5
Joey wanted to sunny`s dog and cats .
lukily D.R robyn came to the rescue D.R robyn had a plushie of the cats and dog . D.R robyn said "if you want them go get them D.R robyn banned joey from the vet . sunny and his dog and cats lived happy ever after.