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Climate change

by Zhao Pengfei


Climate Change
eBook for children
Zhao Pengfei
What is climate change ?


Three social ways

Three environment ways

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What is climate change,4078832211&fm=26&fmt=auto,313668489&fm=26&fmt=auto
Climate refers to the multi-year average condition of the atmosphere in a region. The main climatic elements include light, temperature and precipitation.

Sometimes the earth will get sick, such as global warming, sea level rise. They will cause a lot of trouble to the people and animals in nature. For example, sea level rise has led to less and less land in the Arctic, which may make Polar bears homeless in the future.
Social ways

Help the government draw posters,3915722741&fm=26&fmt=auto
There are many children with a talent for drawing in this world. The ability of the government to prevent climate change is not enough, The government’s ability to prevent climate change is not enough, but posters hand-painted by children may be better to help the government.
The innocence and kindness of children can make people more clearly understand the importance of preventing climate change through painting
Participate in the climate change debate
The children on both sides will speak their thoughts in the debate. Every child has a different view of climate change. The imagination and creativity of children may help them come up with many good ways.,1367517832&fm=26&fmt=auto