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The Girl In The Woods

by Alexis Thomas


The Girl in the Woods
Authors: Alexis Thomas, Perrianah English, Ja'Zaria Green, Mikayla Harvin
One day, a wolf was walking in the woods, a little girl was walking into the woods to get her grandmother some flowers. The wolf seen her and he runs to her. He tries to pick her up and eat her because he is always hungry. He thought her legs were sausages.
Then he thought her head was a piece of cake then he bit her, she was very crunchy, bloody and very good. Then he saved the rest of her body for supper. When he got home he cooked her. Then he finally seasoned her and fixed her body parts on his plate. As he eats he starts to feel weird. He starts to get dizzy and passes out. He dies on the floor and his body just laying on the floor just like the little girls body.