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the fisher

by Teegan H


The Fisher

By Teegan
no im cuter then u both
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 a Fishers look The fisher that has a fox head with rounded ears that are bigger than a large weasel the males are darker and longer then the female and the male also has a pointy snout.

Color: their back is frosted or gold or black the underside is dark brown
Length: 31 to 47in
Weight: 4 ½-12 lb.
no im cuter then u both
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No im Cuter 
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In the wild the fisher eats squirrels, rabbits, mice and birds. The Fisher may also hunt porcupines repeatedly attacking the head the fisher also eats muskrats, grouse. If they can't find any meat they eat berries and nuts 
Well in the center the fisher can eat this kind of foods from pet stores and from stores
From the stor u can get these stuff
Ask a hunter if they can get some dead birds

From the pet store u can get these kinds of food
Dead mice 
Buy a rabbit then kill it 
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Care and Handling in the Habitat:

Never get in a fishers face while it's eating it well bite and claw on ur face it is like any small racon when u get in its fcea its face and bite u hurt u bite claw
The fisher well need a dark room with lots of trees and a pond for it to drink and swim in it needs lots of space