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(copy) Myths and Legends

by Berna Aslan

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By Amazing Bosses and Crazy Energetic Detectives
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Preface 🟣🔵🟢🟡🟠🔴

Elif- İris 🦄

Derin- Mihda .

Emre- Aksel 🌩️⚡

Ege 🌊

Can- Kai 🌞⚔️🌑

Ayda- Cemre- Derin 🦄

Alya- Selin 💥

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Demir- Mert











This is our beginning of the book. This book was written by Amazing Bosses and Crazy Energetic Detectives. This book was written because of an activity, not in a bad way of course. Hope you enjoy this wonderful book filled with new myths and legends. We hope that this can encourage you to express yourself in stories or maybe even writing your own myth! Anyway have fun reading.
Emre Tanır
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Myths explain how natural events occurred and are set in really ancient times; before history even began. They are normally set a very long time ago such as when the world was being created. Myths may have gods and goddesses who have amazing powers to make extraordinary things happen. The word “Myth” actually comes from the Greek word “mythos” meaning “word of mouth.”
Legends are stories that people made up as well. However, legends are about real life people and what they did. Legends always have an important purpose, but the facts are always a little exaggerated to make them more interesting and exciting! 
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White, The Pegasus Of Rain
by Elif Akyazıcı and İris Göktan
In a dark night, a white and beautiful Pegasus came to her home; the woods.The only place she was safe from gods and goddesses that were trying to steal her power.She was ready to rest from a long tiring day.Her life was going to change a lot but before I can tell you that story I must tell you this story of how she became a pegasus. 

It was a normal day of running from god’s hunting for food, the white horse was exhausted. She wanted to go home and rest. Right when the tired horse was going to go to sleep, she heard a sudden movement in the bush. First, she tried to ignore it but she kept hearing the voice. It sounded like a girl was trying to get its attention. She stopped, trying to ignore it, but she heard the movement whispering “ I have something to show you”. She went in the bush and she couldn’t believe her eyes. 
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She was so frightened because she saw a little girl alone on the island of dark.The little girl looked scared.The horse just wanted to save the poor little girl. But the problem was that the girl was in the sky. White couldn’t do it even if she tried. “She is a poor little girl. I need to help her!” she thought and yet she jumped ready to lose herself to death. 

Something weird happened.  After that, she opened her eyes, she was not hurt. When she looked around, she was still at the same place.  Also she had wings and she could make rain but she didn’t know yet. 

While the White was going up, the little girl wondered “Who is that which looks like a weird horse but with wings?” When White came closer, the little girl shouted “Hello please help me! I am stuck on this island”. White asked the little girl “jump on my back”. and the little girl did that in a hurry.
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After that White asked the little girl “Where do you live?” the little girl pointed at a small wooden house. White came down and brought the little girl home.White told them she was known as a pegasus, the newest creation in the world. White still did not know she had a rain power. Went of to the bush and asked why and where the voice came from.The voice said “from me” and there was silence. White felt so curious that rain came everywhere. Then, she had just understood her rain power. She wanted to tell everyone the news but was afraid that they were going to steal her power. However, she still went on. She told everyone that she had the power and she was in the news soon. The reporters were saying “The so called Pegasus ran away to save more people or should I say flew away. As I was saying in the beginning of the myth, she had a tiring day.
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by Derin Dedehayır & Mihda Elbirlik
A long time ago, there were giants that tried to destroy the humans village. 

One day, a group of humans went to the mountains of the giants, to take  revenge because the giants tried to destroy the humans village. So, the humans continued climbing to the giants mountain. Humans were scared and exhausted. After a long climb, they finally arrived at the giants mountains cave. Then, they tried to break the enormous door of the cave but they were too small so they couldn’t break it. When the giants heard the door bang, they took their weapons because they realized that the humans were in their cave. The giants started to walk to the entrance of the cave, and when the humans heard the footsteps of the giants, they freaked out and started to rush to the entrance. However, they were so tiny so the giants were almost smashing them into pieces. 

The king of the giants yelled: “LET THE WAR BEGAN!” The moment that the king of the giants said these words, the humans and the giants started to have an epic fight. After a while, every human and giant except the kings were dead.