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by Daniel COLLINS


The dream
After dinner, Tim did his normal routine and got into bed thinking about the soccer tournament he had tomorrow. His team had drawn first the last tournament this time his team really wanted to win. So he turned out the lights and went to sleep. ''I wonder if we'll verse the same team in the finals this year''.Tim thought. Suddenly he awakened. He felt thirsty so he got out of bed and, ''Woah''! There was a giant hole in his bedroom Tim was busting to get water so he jumped. Tim made it to the other side but lost balance and fell in.
''Aaaaahhh''! He screamed as he fell and fell then whack! He face-planted into the ground then he looked up he was in some abandoned house. He got up and looked around he found the front door but it was locked. Suddenly he heard footsteps coming from the other side of the house. Tim quickly darted up some wooden steps each step made a creaking noise which made it even more obvious that he was here. At the top of the stairs, he could hear the stranger getting closer so Tim ran into the closest room hoping there was somewhere to hide but there wasn't. It was an empty room and all there was, was an open window. Tim could hear the floorboards creaking as the person drew nearer and Tim thought the only way out of this was through the window. He had no other choice so he climbed down then jumped.
He saw the stranger's hand reach out for him but Tim pulled his hand away, he was just about to smash into the ground when. Beep, Beep Tim suddenly woke up ''Phew''. Tim said. ''Just a dream''. But just to check he looked out the window he could see his flowers dancing in the breeze. ''Yep, just a dream''. On his way downstairs he was wondering if the stranger was trying to capture him or help him?

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